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Updating Chapters of Xenon

My First Blog-Post

First of all, this is the first post of my new blog! Thank you for coming and using your valuable time to read my stuff.

Principally, I’ll be sharing updates, news, details, and anything related with my stories. But I’ll also posting about some things about me, like an opinion of an anime, game or story, music, something interesting of my boring daily-life, etc.

Why Rewriting?

Going to the main point, I’ve been quite busy rewriting the first chapters of Xenon, and I’m far from ending.

Some weeks ago, I decided to do it, but didn’t think about it that much, thinking I had a better-enough writing than before, but oh my, I was wrong.

After publishing them in RoyalRoad, a kind person from the community told me something that made me think about the structure of my writing. I realized I was doing it… different.

My structure was mainly composed of written sounds or onomatopoeia, and a very present-focused telling. I don’t dislike it, but I saw a new opportunity there.

I began with rewriting the first chapter, and I liked it a lot. More than before. But there was a new problem: will you like it? I hope you do, because it’s taking me a lot of time, and you already can see in the latest chapters the new style.


I think the most scary thing you can think about when an author says he’s going to rewrite his story, is what changes he’ll make.

To be direct, there are two important changes, but none of them impact on the following chapters.

And you can see they aren’t totally changed to the new style, I didn’t want to rewrite them completely.


In the old version of chapter 7, Answers, Mark mentioned to Alexandria that a fusion can only use the fused elements, and not individually. This changes in the new version. Now, a xenon can use every element that constitutes his fusion.

And in chapter 14. Formerly, Alexandria went to the river and buried Mark there. Now, Asil was who buried him, and left a note to Alexandria.


I want to review and update every chapter until the last one, which will take me a lot of time. I won’t stop stop writing new content, don’t worry.

And I also have in mind The City of the Seventeen Kites, but that will be after I’m done updating Xenon.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for the long post!

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