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CTCT: CTL’s eBook and a short break

Well, it’s been more than one week since my last post, but I’m still alive.


It’s also been more than one week since CTCT: CTL’s eBook came out and I can say it went better than I expected. There was only one problem that was fixed that same day, so there’s already two editions (that’s what happens when I can’t wait to release something) and a third one on the making, but there’s no hurry for it.

After some weeks of working on the eBook, I decided to take a break; not even think about CTCT, just relax and do other things. Well, the relaxation came with sickness, it was nothing serious but certainly annoying. Right now I’m almost at my 100%!


Remember that I said that I wasn’t even going to think about CTCT for my break? Yep, I still did, though for one day.

My main motivation to make an eBook of CTCT is that I want to go further beyond posting on websites, I want to go big and achieve the most I can (not forgetting about my roots, of course), but there are other motivations; one of them is jealousy. Every time I see an author achieving great feats, I can’t help but feel jealous of them, in a good way. This is what happened for the paperback to be made.

It took me one day to turn CTCT: CTL into a paperback. Though I consider myself a patient person, there are situations where I can’t wait to do something (like releasing an eBook), so I had to restrain myself from clicking that Publish button and wait to get more feedback and improve the format. It’s still in this stage, but it shouldn’t take much longer to be ready.

But I won’t stop there. Though my economical situation is stable (for which I’m very grateful, especially these days), I can’t afford to do more. However, as soon as there’s an opportunity, I will go even further; make a comic, a manga, or even an anime, which won’t happen unless there’s a miracle. One can dream, right? That doesn’t mean I won’t work hard to achieve it.


One day after making the paperback, I fell sick, so I did relax for a few days.

Though this happened two days ago, I actually don’t remember what made me post CTCT on Wattpad. I do remember my experience on it.

Xenon was doing really well and, a year ago, I posted it in Spanish on Wattpad, but it never got a single read. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a platform for that kind of story, so I stopped posting on it. Fast forward to two days ago and I decided to post CTCT on it because it’s a very different story from Xenon, so why not try?

At the time I’m making this post, it hasn’t got a read.

That’s all from me for now. I need to prepare for the start of CTCT’s second volume because there are quite a few things to get done.

Anyway, happy holidays!

Oh, here’s the song I was listening to while typing this.

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