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New Novel and New Website

As I say goodbye to the old website and welcome the new one, I say hello to a new novel. Let's begin with it.

New Novel: Who Murdered My Girlfriend?!

No, I'm not actually asking that. That's the title of my new novel, now available on Webnovel. There's not much to say about it more than please check it out.

Though its genres are practically the same as CTCT, it won't replace it at all. WMMG is a lot less planned and it doesn't have a regular schedule, but it'll be more adult, which means I'll let my mind go crazy. Also, it doesn't mean that it'll have less quality, I'll always give my best.


New Website

That's right, after almost two years of using WordPress, I have moved on to Wix. I had wanted to improve the looks of my website since the very first day I created it, but WordPress didn't offer many pretty themes nor much customization.

Why Wix?

With Wix, it immediately jumps to a whole new level. It might be far from perfect, but the predefined themes are very nice and modern looking. Not only that, but it offers a lot of customization to play around with.

Again, not everything can be customized but, compared to WordPress, it's a lot. Not to mention ADI, Wix's AI website builder (you can read my blog about AI, by the way) that does a great job creating a customized site for you and it's very easy to use afterward. I quickly changed to the normal editor, though, after realizing it gave me much more customization.

Why WordPress?

I had three options when I was about to create my website: Wix, WordPress, or make it all by myself. There obviously are more website builders, but I ended up only with those two.

The reason I didn't want to make it all by myself is simple: it requires too much time and effort. I've been making websites for ten years and I even studied for it, but no one can deny that a website builder is just easier and faster. Yes, I'm giving up being able to customize literally every single line of code, but does that matter? Is it worth it to spend dozens of hours for that freedom? This is what I had to answer for myself and the answer was: it depends. I needed a blog and a place where to show my works—a portfolio, basically. Coding a portfolio is mostly appearance, it doesn't take much time. On the other hand, coding a blog can be quite challenging and take a lot of time. This is why, in my case, a website builder is the best option. They are quite good at making blogs and portfolios.

Okay, I won't make it all by myself, but I still have two options left: Wix or WordPress. My decision was quite simple: I googled "Wix vs WordPress", read a few articles, and chose WordPress because they made it look better. The end.

It's quite sad, to be honest. Before having the need to create a website, I already knew that people looked down on Wix quite a lot, and that doesn't give a good impression. You also see Wix ads on YouTube quite often, but not WordPress ads, which is strange.

The Verdict

In the end, it all depends on your needs. I made the wrong decision choosing WordPress simply because I don't like its themes and customization. That doesn't mean it's bad, and it's not as simple as saying that one is better than the other. It's a gray area where you need to pick what better fits your needs.

Also, you need to pay for a lot of features on both, which is completely understandable, but it's sad that I have my domain and I can't use it on Wix nor WordPress because I need to pay to use a custom domain 😔.


Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out WMMG!

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