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AI Making Our Ideas a Reality

Though I don’t have much to say at the time, this topic came to my mind while playing around with multiple AI tools and looking at how many of them are being developed.

It’s incredible how technology has advanced in the last few years. I remember looking at the first tools that were publicly announced (or that I knew of, at least) and thinking how amazing it was for computers to be able to generate such well-done creations.

One of the first things I could mention is the AI that learns how to walk taking into account the shape you give it. It might not create, but it was a very interesting beginning. Then more tools quickly arrived, like an AI that helps environment designers populate scenery realistically with just a few parameters, an AI to find bugs, an AI that transforms your drawings into real pictures, and even voice generators.

Soon, more bizarre and smart AIs were created. Bots in games like DOTA 2 are already able to defeat the best players in the world, and one that really impressed me was the hide and seek AI that was even able to glitch the game for its own benefit and always win.

For me, we are now entering the playful era. Although very useful tools are still being created (like NVIDIA’s toolset with their RTX graphics cards), more and more AIs are being made for us to entertain ourselves. AI Dungeon and are just a couple of them, public and free to use.

AI Dungeon is a story generator. You input some story and lore into it and it will magically generate more. The free version works very well already, but the paid version is even scary because of how good it is. It’s far from perfect, but it’s getting there. is a voice generator that turns text into, well, voice. Unlike many programs that sound robotic, this website is scarily good. It has a few videogame and series characters, and it’s simply awesome how natural it sounds. You can even control the emotions on specific parts of the text. Again, it’s far from perfect, but it’s getting to a point where it can be used for bad things (like deepfakes). Fortunately, it just has character voices, but imagine if it allowed you to upload your own voice. Scary.

There are a lot of more tools. The one that made me write this blog is this tool called Crypko where you can poorly draw an anime character and it will convert it into a professional-looking one. They even claim they can generate animations! Sadly, it looks like it’s not finished or they’ll only allow companies to use it. There are quite a few AI tools that are only available for big organizations, which is disappointing.

My initial impressions of these AI tools were sheer awe. With the time, we’ll get more used to it and won’t impress us that much anymore, just like when you listen to the same song again and again until it doesn’t feel the same like the first time you listened to it.

Anyway, I just felt like talking about it and share my thoughts. I also tried to link every tool I mentioned so you can check them out by yourself and get impressed.

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