Ah, that magical thing to do when you have something important on hold and you have to finish it for tomorrow, but playing some games and watching anime is more relaxing… right?


Wait. Tomorrow is Monday!

It happens to me a lot more that I would like.

Even if I try getting ahead some chapters, sometimes it’s pretty difficult. And the only one I can blame for is me.

Apart from having my full-time, 8 hours-a-day job, I like to spend a bit of my free time with my family, playing with friends, or simply watching something. But, for me, doing that is not completely procrastinating.

The problem comes when I’m writing. Before proceeding with the next line, I like to think a considerable amount of time how do I want to approach it, why, and the consequences.

As I do, my mind divagates and, in a minute, I’m watching a video or playing something. When I realize, I think: “¿No estaba escribiendo?” ( Wasn’t I writing?). I mean, my native language is Spanish, so I think in Spanish.

How do I avoid it?

I always think. And the answer is: I don’t.

Believe, I’ve tried since middle school, when I had to do homework (I always have hated it). My problem isn’t starting something, my problem is not distracting while doing it. And I did as I wrote this!

As a little consolation for myself, I have improved in the last months. And now, for me, watching anime is actually educational. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t use it as an excuse.

Since I wrote Xenon, when I watch an episode I do it with a critical point of view. I let the narrative take me and, when it ends, I think about the process, the points of doing that, how did they manage to make me feel something, and how would I do it.

Now, I transformed my procrastination into something useful. Sort of.

About playing videogames, I actually changed a lot. Now, I don’t like playing games too much time when I feel they won’t leave me anything. This reduces the amount of games I like to play.

Why am I writing this?

I don’t know, I wanted to take it out of my chest and— oh my god, I have to write the next 2 chapters and rewrite 5!

Thank you for reading! Please read Xenon’s latest chapter if you haven’t!

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