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It’s finally here! After one month of waiting, CTCT’s first paperback has arrived at my home.

Having started working on it a bit more than a month ago, I upload the document so I could buy a Proof Copy before publishing it, but turns out Amazon doesn’t send those to Mexico, so the only option was to publish it and then buy an Author Copy (at least they send them to Mexico). Still, it had the logical drawback of having to wait three weeks, so I patiently waited and here it is.

Physical Copy Pictures

Sorry for the bad quality, my phone is quite old and I’m not a photographer, as you can see.

Even though I’m very happy with the result, there were a few things that I didn’t like much. The brightness of the cover is quite lower than I expected, the spine (side) doesn’t match the guides Amazon generated for me to fit the cover, and there are a couple more blank pages than I expected at the end.

Aside from that, it was relieving seeing it came out great. As you can notice in the front cover and spine pictures, it has a couple of scratches, which actually surprised me for good knowing it came all the way from another country.

And there isn’t much more to tell. I’ve been writing CTCT and working on my personal projects (like outlining other novels 😉) in the last weeks aside from playing.

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