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Focusing on CTCT

Not gonna lie, focusing on writing CTCT and preparing its first eBook release has been quite calming.

Calming, not relaxing

I must make clear the difference.

The calm it brought upon me was something I didn’t expect. After working on personal projects which are mostly programming, this was quite the change. I don’t know if it’s because it’s something new or because it’s something I’m really passionate about. Maybe both?

Nonetheless, I’m enjoying it, but I must say that it hasn’t been relaxing at all. Not only did I miscalculate the eBook release date, I also had a small miscommunication with RedPandaChick (CTCT’s editor, check out her blog) and not to mention my confusion about what chapters have and haven’t been scheduled, posts on Patreon, checking all my sites, everyday…. Well, I’ll talk about all of this when the time comes.

What am I up to now?

I finished writing the bonus chapter today and the eBook is practically ready, it only needs a few adjustments to the formatting and it’s good to go! I hope.

And nothing much more. I’m always thinking of stories, either about CTCT or new ones. About my other projects, I’ve kind of left them aside these past weeks, to be honest, but I’ll get back to them after finishing the eBook.

That’s all for today’s blog post. It was short, but I would die if I always had to write posts as long as the last one, so I won’t do that, for my own sake.

It’s 12:08 AM when I’m writing this paragraph, and I’m also listening to my music playlist. This is the song that is playing now, enjoy it!

Fun fact about the featured image of this post: I stumbled upon it while looking for ideas and, coincidentally, the previous song that played in my playlist was the opening of that anime (which is called Barakamon). I sticked with it because it represented my mood quite well.

#Can039tTouchLove #eBook #CTCT #CTL #CoupleThatCan039tTouch

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