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I have no creativity!


Okay, calm down, breathe…

I’m fine. Let’s talk about the story of my no creativity.

What do I mean?

Exactly that.

Since I can remember, I always was completely logical. I learned programming when I was 10, and wasn’t interested in anything.

A couple years passed, and I already was capable of creating a very simple website, and code a little more than that. I stuck there for quite a few years, learning a lot of stuff about computers, videogames, and so on.

When I was in elementary school, I barely could talk to anybody, or look at their eyes, but I made a couple friends. They are really creative. One of them draws and writes, and the other one also draws and plays instruments.

That caught my attention towards some creative stuff, like drawing and instruments.

Briefly, I wasn’t good. I drawed (still do) horribly, and didn’t have much opportunities to play an instrument. Writing wasn’t even in my head. So I gave up, without trying my best.

As the years went by, I got better at programming, without looking back at other stuff, mostly because my bad experience.

High school ended, and I hadn’t did anything, only homeworks (in class) and play videogames. I don’t regret it, I made good friends. And, fortunately, a teacher recommended me in my current job because he saw how I coded, so I had the luck of not struggling to find one.

The beginning

It was 6 months ago (time flies!) and I already don’t remember how I ended up with the idea of publishing Xenon. What I do remember is feeling down because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to university and work at the same time, and I was doubtful about programming. Do I really like it that much? Or I haven’t think about anything else?

That was when I remembered the story I had thought about two years before.

The problem is, I had no creativity. The plot came to me when I saw something. A dense forest, a house in the middle of nowhere, sad music…

I just had to imagine something different. Something I liked. And I did.

I mixed elements of one of my favorites series with what I saw, always with a mindset of an anime (my seasonal desire to watch it returned, although it isn’t seasonal anymore), trying to find a good story, avoiding the typical stuff of it (I know, it has a lot of it, but I like it).

And after some hours, I had wrote 3 chapters, letting the dialogues flow. Believe me, I don’t think I came up with it completely by myself, but I don’t know. And I decided to share it at 3 in the morning.

Why am I saying all of this?

I don’t know, it’s my blog and I wanted to let it out.

But from that day, I learned a lot (I still am). I started to see my surroundings differently, think differently, act differently. I knew I wasn’t good at anything relative to creativity, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t learn it.

It’s not the same as having natural talent, and maybe I’ll never be able of coming up with something totally original, but I don’t lose anything trying.

I began to learn to play guitar, drawing, design, and writing, finding a story I love, thinking about the possibilities of going in a different direction, andmixing it up with other elements. That’s where TCotSK came up from, and future stories ;).

That was longer that I thought, but thanks for reading! Read the latest chapter of Xenon!

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