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Comeback. WAPP. From Magic to Romance?

So, it’s been awhile since I’m around here. Sorry for that. But looks like I’m back and with a few news to share!

First of all, I stopped writing months ago (I don’t even know how many, but a lot) because of multiple of reasons. One of them is that I was losing inspiration for not being good (true or not, I believed that), and another one is that I got another project in my hands: WAPP!

Writers Against Procrastination App

Huh? Writers—what? That’s right. Writers Against Procrastination App (or WAPP) is one of my personal projects that I’m really proud of! Along with another writer, we created an app capable of making you stop procrastinating while saving your stats!

We came up with this after my partner found out about this technique to help you stop procrastinating: Pomodoro. A timer that is set to a certain time, and after that time is done, you MUST stop what you are doing, take a little break, and continue for a few more rounds.

It may sound impossible that something to make you stop procrastinating exists, but, believe me, it works quite well.

Not only were we satisfied with that, we wanted more. We also added the tool to gather your writing statistics in one place! And we plan to add a lot more of features!

I’m back to writing with… ROMANCE?

Yes, I know, I’m a Magical Realism writer. Even though it can have romance, a novel made for romance is completely different. There are many kinds of romance novels, but I went for the lighthearted.

What made me take this decision was… myself. I planned to write in many genres after I first posted Xenon. I know it’s hard (really hard), but as long as the ideas come up to me, I’ll write them. And Couple That Can’t Touch is one of them. I loved the idea and the setting, so I went with it. It show the life of two high-school students that, for magical reasons, swap bodies every time they touch! It’s already posted in many different sites by the way: Webnovel, Scribble Hub, and Dreame. Soon to post on Moonquill and Royal Road.

Talking about Xenon, no, I didn’t drop it. I’m still working on it, and I will for the next months. I want it to be my first, big novel. A proper one. So big that I may not post it on the previous sites 😉.

Thank you for reading!

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